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From "Radio Silence"
Scott: Hey. Hey! Station's closed. Time to go home.
Betty: So I can go to sleep? No, I have things to do here. I promise, I'll only put in a twelve hour day tomorrow.
Scott: Slacker. You'll get home safely?
Betty: I'm the safest girl in Pittsburgh! I have this big bodyguard that follows me home each night. He'd make a half-baked detective, but. . . he's not a half bad human being.

From "Happy Homecomings"
Hilary: Betty, who allowed Jeffery into the studio, or into the station for that matter?
Betty: Hilary, he still has a contract with us.
Hilary: I see... Well... Betty, this isn't a threat, an ultimatem, a fit, a tantrum. I'm simplt telling you something I thought you and everyone else would understand... especially Jeff. I see I was wrong... I will not spend a single moment in the same studio with Jeffery Singer. If you wish to keep him, that's absoultely fine. But if you want me to continue here, you will have to let him go. Either alternative is acceptable to me, but I will not so much as clear my throat on mic until you clear the premises of Mr. Singer. Do you understand me?
Betty: Completely.
Hilary: Good. Well... do be sure to let me know which one of us should come in on Monday, won't you? I'll be more than curious. You see... I love being here. (exits & shuts door behind her.)
The Line!!
Scott: Hey Betty... I love you.
Betty: (Closes her eyes) Buy Barley Futures ( I think we all know what happens next.)

Other Episodes
From "Sight Unseen"
Angela: You work with the Vagabond, don't you?
Hilary: Yes, I do.
Angela: Well, could you just tell me... is he a fake? I mean, is he really just acting?
Hilary: No actor ever worth his salt is just acting. Whatever you hear is something drawn from within the actor's experience or emotion. If you believe it, then it's a good acting. Good acting is always some part of the truth.
Angela: What does he look like?
Hilary: Well, he has a memorable face, but it's a poor reflection of his soul. His eyes are expressive. His features? They're sensitive. Perhaps too sensitive at times. But I think that's because his heart is too open. He's very tall. Certainly when I think of the men I've known-- and we're talking about quite a list-- he's equal in stature to the very best of them. Actually. I'm not sure what he looks like. He's such a lovely man, I'm not sure I can see him at all.