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Betty: "I admit it!  I'm an addicted... addict!"

Betty saying a mouthful

Roberta:  "I don't want to leave you here alone, Scot."
Scot:  "I won't be alone, Roberta..."

Betty:  "Buy Barley Futures"

Betty: Victor Comstock was killed in a horrible explosion!"...

Scott: "Bettybettybetty!"

Hilary pondering casting

Hilary knows her name.  Swell.

The WENN Chime

Scott: "The creative junk is your department."

Hilary: "I want to go dating on a regular basis."

Betty:  "Mr. Gianetti's running a little late."
Hilary: :Mr. Gianetti's running a little distillary."

Betty gives a discription of ghosts.

Hilary and a false pumpkin

Mackie and Hilary in the trenches

Mackie: "I definately smell more nothing here than back by the elevator."

Hilary and Jeff want to get away for the weekend